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Skye is my precious angel , I swear she's sunshine and sass wrapped in one.

Skyeward ruined my life.

I have been compromised by Agents of Shield and that shit hurts.

JLaw & Chloe Bennet are my queens.

Also I will bitch slap anyone who hates on Laurel Lance & Stefan Salvatore

Did I mention this is not a spoiler free zone? oopps.

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Skye in Heavy is the Head. (2x02)

”Yesterday we were shooting and I.. Me and BJ, we just made a whole Taylor Swift routine to Shake It Off.”

"i tried out for the football team and the coach said that i should just try cheerleading and i stepped on his toe and told him to fuck off"

'I don't blame him for the choices I've made'

'My family tore me down, Garrett built me back up, the way he wanted'


What the people on the street have to say to you when recognizes you?

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Anonymous asked:
"I'm pretty sure that Skye and Lance will be a thing ;_; the look in her eyes when Coulson said they had him captured, then the scene right after, Lance said he joined because of a girl he met and when Mac asked if everyone was back on a mission she answered really concerned : not everyone."

I honestly don’t know why a lot of people are so bothered or worried about this??

Skye’s ‘look in her eyes’ was because it meant that Lance would reveal where they are and sell them out

And Lance was talking about Izzy or his ex wife when talking to Talbot, he didn’t even know who Skye was before he joined.

And she answered not everyone because hello, Izzy was hurt badly and Skye wanted to help you could see she wanted to help but had to follow orders, so yea she’s worried about them.

I think people are reading into certain scenes way too much, yes they might be setting up something for them but honestly right now to me they still seem to be getting to know one another.

Anonymous asked:
"Do you really think SkyeLance won't happen? because now i'm more sure than ever they will. I mean, all that talk about needing to be detached and how both couldn't in the past. Watch them "learning" to be detached with each other if you know what i mean. Especially after Skye finds out Coulson and May are keeping things from her AGAIN! and her dad wants her and Raina psyco is after her. Poor Skye. She can't trust anyone."

If they do happen like I’ve said in the past I think their relationship would be more on the physical side then on them being emotionally attached to each other, it would be more seeking comfort and distraction rather then falling in love with one another.

But I think when her dad does finally come for her and shit goes down it’s Ward she will turn to, she doesn’t trust him right now, but atm everyone else she holds so dear to her is lying to her, the two people she trusts the most are lying while Ward is in front of her telling her nothing but the truth whenever she goes to his cell. I think after she finds out what Ward knows and it proves to be true, she’ll turn to him.

Anonymous asked:
"And here we are again. Coulson and May keeping secrets. Skye is going to be so pissed. They want her to help but keep her in the dark. Now is easy to see her losing soon. May her new SO is also “betraying” her too. Lance shot her but she expect this from him. From Coulson and May she doesn’t. Wouldn’t you be super mad on Skye shoes? I’m pissed for her and now her father is coming for her. The moment the family needed to be stronger to fight is actually where its more vunerable."

yes this!!

I think the fact that Skye went to May with concerns for Coulson shows how much she relies and respects and trusts in May now, and now May is her SO and she would expect nothing but honesty from her considering how her last SO turned out.

And now WHEN bec she will, find out that May and Coulson are both lying to her and lying about something that ultimately does concern her, and her well being also, she is going to be so mad and heartbroken, because the people she cares about have lied to her again and this is something she never believed in, she never believed in the red tape around people, Skye was always so concerned about letting people know the truth and now she is back to the start where she is being lied to and kept in the dark once again and she’s going to hate this. 

Her and Coulson’s relationship is so rocky right now and this would be just the tip of the ice burg, esp since she’s been doing things for him that she doesn’t really see as right and now he’s keeping her in the dark and I can just see Skye being so mad and upset, and in a state where her dad and Raina can easily manipulate her. This is what scares me and this is what I’m pretty certain is going to happen

Anonymous asked:
"Oh god I think I'm gonna cry. Skye was trying so hard not to feel anything, talking to ward and once she saw his scars she started to Crack and she had to shut him out before let that emotion out :("