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Honestly this blog was way more organized before Agents of Shield came along and crapped on everything.


You’re having one helluva day, huh?

May: Stand down Skye

Skye: Were you not listening if i don’t go out there Simmons’s gonna die

May: I said stand down

Fitzsimmons - 2x05.

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I told you…

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Can we talk about how Simmons made her lab partner at Hydra take the fall for what she did which probably resulted in a shit load of torture for him

Can we talk about how they look down on Ward for what he did even though this season we see the team carry out similar actions


but the amount of time this season Ward has spent in front of Skye with his hands up in surrender.

Lance is totally team skyeward js

Who else gets the tiniest feelings that Skye and Ward might hook up sooner then we thought like I doubt in episode 6 or even 7 but like 8 or 9 hmm.